All you should know about Greens!

Greens, greens, Drink all  your GREENS!

Victoria Boutenko and his son Sergei Boutenko talk about their own 
experience how eating Raw and drinking greens had changed their 
whole family's life.

If you want  to know :

- about the Real benefits of greens in our diet ?
- why we should eat And juice our greens ?
- why we should rotate our greens when we are juicing ?
- why we should Never throw away carrots tops and beetroot leaves?
- combine or not to combine fruits and veggies?
- what is better than greens ?
- is it cook food really good for us?
- why we should eat weeds ?
- why we have parasites ?
- what to put in our first smoothie?
- the benefits of eating local ?

Watch  and enjoy the video demostrations here:

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health related questions, contact us.

green green

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