Welcome to BioCasa – The SuperFood Store, we are offering a great variety of Services and Certified Organic Products, such as organic fruits and veggies, organic cosmetics, skin care, vegetarian and vegan food and we are specialised on Gluten Free and Lactose Free Products. We have a great knowledge about superfoods and medicinal plants and suplements. Our staff is trained in nutrition and natural therapies like Bach flowers remedies, we are proud and passionate of our work and our goal is to educate and deliver the best service possible to our clients through courses, classes, workshops and talks.

In BioCasa we believe that “to have a healthy life is the bases of happines”. The importance of eating healthy is crucial and know the information about healthy life style is available to all of us. BioCasa Team work passionately to educate-reeducate and to make our clients conscious about the environment we all live in, through supporting the organic way of life.

Our Values:

    1. Promote healthy products and food produced respecting the sustainability and the environment where we live.
    2. Giving an education meanwhile promoting employment.
    3. Build comercial relationship to promote respect for workers.
    4. Promote wisdom and good relation in the reponsible use of the natural resources, the health of the species and the long health of our planet.

What are we doing?

We are building a health conscious community. From the planet to the producer, and directly to the consumer.

How are we doing it?

Supporting the local producers to grow organic food, following the patterns we are giving to them, driving these productions directly to the consumers. As well as, through our own production.

How do we get it?

Increasing organic and healthy productions for the limitless benefit of the environment, growing more life in each hectare.

Creating jobs in the community.

Consumer (we are all consumers) with enough possibilities in organic and healthy products (free of herbicides, pesticides, hormons,…).

Reinforcing local economy, and getting a quality life.