NutriVac Vacuum Juice Storage System


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Product Description

The NutriVac Vacuum Juice Storage System makes it easy to store and preserve your delicious juices. Using 3 innovative and unique containers, theNutriVac Vacuum Juice Storage System preserves nutrients using an airtight technology that assures your juices will remain fresh and healthy for extended periods of time. Included with the manual hand operated pump are three seperate containers – 1) A 10 ounce container, 2) a 16 ounce container and 3) a 56 ounce container, allowing you to save and preserve a large amount of juice with this extremly durable and effective kit. But these containers aren’t just good for juices – these containers also hold coffee, grains, and more safely! Requiring no electricity, the manual hand operated pump uses a built in pressure indicator to assure that you are getting a healthy and delicious meal! A positive locking valve keeps air out of these containers for three months, and a patented spout design pours your juice easily with no mess! Treat yourself to something delicious and healthy using thisNutriVac Vacuum Juice Storage System! Included with this unit:

  • 10 Oz. BPA Free Storage Container/Jar
  • 16 Oz.BPA Free Storage Container/Jar
  • 56 Oz.BPA Free Storage Container/Jar
  • 1 Manual Hand Operated Pump with Built In Pressure Indicator


  • Easy, hand operated pump
  • No electricity or batteries required
  • Containers remain air tight for up to three months
  • Perfect for preserving the nutrients in freshly squeezed juice for up to three days
  • Versatile, multi-use containers
  • Unique, patented locking system

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